Liquid Creation

After my last modelling post where I showed all of the different bottle designs, I wanted to take these further by creating the liquid that goes inside of them. Using my research from the prior posts, I started to create the liquid and also documented my process in the video below.

The overall the results turned out really well, the bottle with the liquid looks really good especially when the liquid inside has some transparency (not shown in the video) as it looks even more realistic. Prior to this video, I had completed a test to make sure my processes worked, enabling me to successfully create it on the screen recording – I had found out that it was best to make the liquid object inside of the bottle slightly smaller so that the inside spline of the bottle and the outer spline of the liquid didn’t intersect – not completing this produced some visual defects on the render where the liquid visible popped through the glass. However, from the video above, you can see that I included this step within my process and didn’t encounter this problem.

Final Renders:

These are all of the renders of all of the bottles, I wanted to see what they all looked like with liquid inside of them before choosing the final bottle, I feel that showing them with something inside will drastically change the way they appear and also the way in which light interacts with the liquid.


These turned out really well and further support my statement of making some of the bottles look more aesthetically pleasing – especially bottles 1, 3, 5 and 6. I feel that these will be the ones which I continue forward with my testing with the labels and caps (and then from this, I will choose one of four for the final bottle for my product).

Whats Next:

Next, I will start to create caps for all of the models, in addition to adding the labels to them.

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