Final Models

After the last modelling post, I set myself the task of finishing the bottle models. After completing the rest of the splines in Adobe Illustrator, I then saved it and imported it into c4d – from then I completed the same process I went through when completing the first model in the previous post. These are the final results of the models:


Overall, I feel these turned out really well. The realism of these is pretty good however, I feel there still room for improvement within the material settings and lighting to make them look even better – this could be the increase of the blurriness of the glass or the use of a studio HDRI that would better illuminate the models creating more attractive reflections.

Whats Next:

Now that the models were successfully created, I can now try and make the fluid object and material to go inside of the bottle, this will give a better indication as to how the final models will look. In addition, I can also now post these bottles onto social media to find out which one the target audience prefers – enabling me to get feedback from┬ámy target demographic.

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