Overall, this project has been an enjoyable experience that has presented challenge and obstacles to overcome. I feel that using Cinema 4D and Adobe Muse this semester has been greatly beneficial, as I have been able to learn a lot of new techniques and also had the opportunity to implement prior skills learned from previous semesters. I feel that pushing myself into the Photorealistic avenue with this project has further sparked an interest to pursue this after education, I enjoy achieving a high-quality standard with my work and also tackling the challenges when this standard is not met.

Whilst taking this journey, I encountered a lot of difficulties. As my project was so unique, it was sometimes very difficult to find direct solutions to my problems, and as a result, I ended up conducting a lot of tests outside the main project in order to try and solve them. Additionally, not all of my problems where technical, some of them were subjective as I would work on one aspect of my project for such a long time where it would begin to blur together, for example, spending hours making small changes to the liquid colours inside the bottle to try and make it look aesthetically pleasing.

One of the most challenging problems I faced was finding a new background environment for the product. Discussed in a blog post, when I first created my project I wanted it to be placed into a scene where it best represented the ingredients origin, however, after discovering that this wasn’t a viable option anymore, I had to search for something different. Fortunately, I had watched a tutorial online that had shown how to make a studio scene with a reflective floor, and the aesthetics that it achieved were very appealing, so I decided to create my own variant of it which solved my issue. In addition, I also experienced similar aesthetic problems in my website creation. Because the white text colour used on the label of the product, I had to make a lot of adjustments to the background images on the website. This was to ensure that there was enough contrast between the two visual elements to make it information legible, as theres no point in having text on there if it cant be read.

When approaching projects like this in the future I would allow myself more time to research and experiment with realistic or PBR materials. In my Gantt chart, I highly underestimated the amount of time I would need to research all of the different elements that would form the basis of my models, and because if this, I felt like it could have been much better. In addition, I feel that the composition of my renders could have also been improved from additional time. This is, in my opinion extremely noticeable in the three main renders for the different flavours, as the overall image doesn’t have that balanced aesthetic that I would like, however, this is just a small criticism as it still achieves photorealism which was desired from the beginning.

Project Update #3

The company website has been completed! Within the video below, I discuss the key areas of that website, showing all of the visual effects – such as fade in’s and text movement that I had created in Adobe Muse. As well I also give a brief breakdown of the sections, which you can see below:

Overall, I am very happy with the way the website turned out as I feel all of the outputs look very appealing together and also complement each other nicely. Displayed below is the link to the functioning website, which you can check out to experience all these features: (Download the .zip, and then open the .html file!)

Alternatively, here are some screengrabs of the final website:

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.27.10 Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.27.47 Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.28.07 Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.28.19 Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.28.32 Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 19.28.52

Animation Video Creation

As stated in my Learning Agreement, I also wanted to produce an animation for the company that would advertise the products. From my storyboarding that was completed in the planning phase of the project, my initial concept for this was have the product rolling in from the right on a flat surface, it would then come to a stop on the left side of the screen with the company logo and slogan fading in afterward.

However, as my aesthetic changed, my idea had to also change. I settled on a minimalist animation, denoting the products spinning into the shot from the right, this allowed the audience to observe all of the products available to them in one video. This creative process can be seen below in a timelapse:

Creating the animation was a very challenging experience. First of all, after then exporting the footage from AE and taking it into Premiere Pro, I had to research online for different royalty free sound effects libraries to bring my animation to life. This was hard because all of the free sounds that were available to download had poor quality, I spend a lot of time looking through and listening to them all before actually downloading them, which further made the task more time-consuming. Additionally, once I had sourced all of the sounds, I had the added task of editing them together effectively so that they seemed real and in time, I wanted to make sure I got this section of the animation completed well as poorly timed sound is very noticable and would lower the overall quality level of my work.

But, after all of that, I managed to complete the animation to a standard which I was happy with. This can be seen below:

For a short animation, I believe it advertises the company products very well, it shows everything they have to offer in a short amount of time which will appeal to the target audience who are on the go.

Project Update #2

Once all of the renders had been completed, it was time to start constructing the website in order to host them on all. Stated in a planning post before, I already had had a clear idea and plan about how I wanted the website to be constructed, however, since that the design an aesthetic of product had changed. Due to this factor, I decided to adhere to a one-page design, where the whole website for the company would consist of 1 page to display information on the company, the products, and the animation. Below is a screengrab of the early development of the website and denotes how I had sectioned each part for relevant topics.

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 11.51.19

Further on into the development of the website, I started to incorporate text onto the pages, adhering the house style that had been used on the labels for the products, e.g. white text and Futura PT font.

To ensure that all of the text elements present on the page were aligned correctly in comparison to the rest of the website, I used coloured guides to make sure that the text was at the same level (seen below) – this was particularly useful for the products section as the images were placed on alternate sides, making alignment more difficult. However, because of the guides, I was able to get them in roughly same position.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 00.51.22

After all of the text elements were placed correctly, it was then time to add scroll effects to the text and background images. The screengrab below shows my process of editing text scroll effects so that they enter into the window from the right:


Still to add to the website is the animation, once added this will fully complete it. However, it is key to note that all of the other features are completed bar this one element.

Project Update #1

As the deadline is fast approaching, I have made the decision to round off all of my major developments into one video (this video) so I have more time to spend on my project. Here are the major developments:

After creating the renders, I am next set to create the website in Adobe Muse. In my next video I will discuss the major developments and show my progress that I have made within the week.